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Businesses depend on IT infrastructures that are agile and capable of adapting to challenging workloads. Old, slow, and unproductive equipment can sometimes be extremely burdensome on business performance, causing downtime and high operating and cooling costs.  For companies with strict budgets that make it difficult to purchase new equipment and maintain the health of their IT systems, Technology Leasing and Management plans offer a solution. For one set payment a month, companies can lease the “front end life” of hardware and reap the rewards of a productive IT infrastructure that’s equipped with the latest technological innovations. With maintenance, monitoring, and protection included,   the crashes and burdens of older IT configurations can be left in the past.

Updated Equipment – Provide your company with the latest, up-todate hardware. Action Computer’s Lease management program replaces equipment every two years, which reduces downtime from old equipment and helps your company to maintain that competitive edge with the latest technological innovations at your fingertips. Hardware is even backed by IBM and Lenovo warranties and services to guarantee peak performance and use. Enhanced System Management and performance – In today’s modern world, technology drives business performance. In order to keep clients happy and employees working at optimum efficiency, you need the backing of a reliable, scalable, and effective IT infrastructure.

Lease Management can offer that consistent performance boost to keep your business operating and producing at the highest levels. Improve IT Operation and Drive Business PerformanceGain a Competitive Edge with Technology Leasing and Management Plans.

Predictable IT Budgeting and Planning – Your company budget will never be hit with another unforeseen, expensive, and unplanned project or purchase again. Lease Management allows your company to access high quality IT hardware for one fixed predictable price.

Hassle-free Maintenance and Monitoring – Our Lease Management  plans eliminate maintenance nightmares that drain staff hours and budgets. By providing top-of-the-line hardware, as well as the right Remote Management
and Monitoring (RMM) tools, data and equipment are protected with little-to-no client effort. Action employees can even work with third party software vendors on your behalf to remedy software issues related to Microsoft Windows applications.

Remote Backup and Storage – Never fear another impending natural disaster or catastrophe. With our remote backup and storage options, you can safely backup and store data offsite via our remote storage plans.

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