Network Management

Action can remotely monitor and manage your network


Action can provide the services and technology to proactively manage your networks. We can help with the challenges of connecting remote offices, mobile workers, and customers to your network in a secure manner. We can provide monitoring and management of your systems to keep your network at peak performance. You can usually purchase managed services for a lower cost than doing it yourself and provide better system security, uptime, and performance for your company.

Network management is a demanding job – monitoring servers, keeping software updates current, keeping the network secure, updating routers, managing firewalls, switches, desktops, printers, making backups – it’s what we do everyday. Let us make sure your network management is done correctly and free your employees to do what you hired them for.

Action can proactively monitor a variety of devices such as servers, firewalls, routers, switches and take corrective measures to keep the system functioning, many times before you know you have a problem.

Action Server Monitoring:

  • Graphs and Reports for CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization of servers.
  • Notification and alarm escalation to ensure high availability of devices.
  • Services and Application Monitoring with Out of the Box support for Applications like MSSQL, and MS-Exchange.
  • Support to monitor all devices in your network both SNMP and Non-SNMP supporting devices.
  • Support monitoring critical parameters like server traffic, response time etc.

WAN Monitoring:

WAN links are usually the most expensive part of the network, and managing bandwidth allocation can be complex. Oversubscribing to bandwidth could mean that the company is paying for more bandwidth than required, and under subscribing could result in congestion and unacceptable network performance. WAN Monitoring and Router Monitoring thus become very critical. Network managers need to optimize the quality of service by balancing throughput, committed information rate (CIR) and burst rate congestion, response time, and discards.

WAN Monitoring Challenges

  • Optimizing bandwidth allocation
  • Ensuring high network availability
  • Quick resolution of WAN problems
  • Capacity Planning for future requirements
  • Minimizing recurring costs on WAN links
  • Identifying high traffic/utilization sources


Optimize Bandwidth Allocation – Measure Bandwidth Utilization and Traffic

Action helps you monitor and troubleshoot WAN links for traffic, utilization, errors and Service Level Agreement (SLA) verification. By presenting accurate information on traffic and utilization Action Managed Services helps you optimize bandwidth llocation.


  • Monitor link utilization and traffic with threshold alerts
  • Identify highly utilized and under-utilized links
  • Get alerted when interfaces start discarding packets

Windows Event Log Monitoring:

  • Secure your network from internal attacks.
  • Monitor availability of your critical applications.
  • Centrally manage Event Log through your network monitoring software itself.

Action monitors CPU, Memory and Disk Space utilization for both SNMP and Non-SNMP devices.

  • Our management software presents a snapshot of the device, which shows the current CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization values using real-time gauges.
  • Using customizable thresholds, operators can be notified well in advance and thereby proactively prevent outages before they occur.
  • The “Top Ten” view on the Home Page helps you quickly identify the devices that have the highest CPU, Memory and Disk

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