Pen. Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Why Test Your Network Security?

More than half of all malicious attacks delivered via the Web go undetected by anti-virus software. Just having a current version of antivirus software is not enough to keep your system secure. Web exploits and internal network security flaws enable hackers to steal information and hijack systems. This is costing organizations millions of dollars in business loss – with the most damaging attacks taking the form of viruses, unauthorized access and theft of proprietary information.


Our Penetration Testing Service is the most effective way to test a security system on behalf of its owners by uncovering vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious hacker. The methods utilized in Penetration Testing are similar to malicious hacking but have a different objective. Instead of exploiting problems to harm the owners, problems are discovered and reported so they can be fixed before a breach occurs.

Our Approach to Security Testing
Action utilizes a proven methodology for testing the security controls in place. Whether it’s Web-facing mission critical applications, network infrastructure or the wireless network. Testing is tailored to the client’s specific needs and can be performed internally or externally.

Our Penetration Testing Service is performed by a dedicated team consisting of highly-skilled, focused and experienced security experts. We’re familiar with current attack methods and techniques used to exploit system, network, web application, and modem vulnerabilities. Through our continued research and experience, we are continuously adding to our intrusion testing techniques. We test for over 25,000+ known vulnerabilities, logic flow problems, and other risks. We employ our own internally developed testing and follow up with the best commercial and public domain tools.

  • Discovery
    •Vulnerability Scan
    •Verification and manual testing
    •Findings Reported
    •Heavy emphasis on deliverables
    •Clear and accurate information conveyed on both a technical and business level.
    •Project Management and constant clear communications throughout the engagement

Our People
•Average Experience of over 20 years in IT Security
•Industry Certifications
◦Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
◦Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

  • Engagement Meeting
    ◦Verify active scan times to minimize disruption
    ◦Establish a critical contact path between IT staff and Action personnel
    ◦Address all IT concerns prior to start of the Penetration Testing Engagement
  • Risk Classification Findings
    ◦We use a proven, easy to understand methodology to prioritize all findings.
  • Executive Presentation Of Findings
    ◦Reports are presented, typically in person, and explained to both technical and executive audiences

Summary of Benefits
•Accurate point in time picture of your vulnerabilities and the potential impact on your organization
•Clear guidance for remediation
◦Summary of Findings
◦Technical Description of Findings
◦Prioritized Recommendations
◦Executive Summary

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